Daft User Guide#

Welcome to Daft!

Daft is a Python dataframe library that enables Pythonic data processing at large scale.

  • Fast - Daft kernels are written and accelerated using Rust on Apache Arrow arrays.

  • Flexible - you can work with any Python object in a Daft Dataframe.

  • Interactive - Daft provides a first-class notebook experience.

  • Scalable - Daft uses out-of-core algorithms to work with datasets that cannot fit in memory.

  • Distributed - Daft scales to a cluster of machines using Ray to crunch terabytes of data.

  • Intelligent - Daft performs query optimizations to speed up your work.

The core interface provided by Daft is the DataFrame, which is a table of data consisting of rows and columns. This user guide aims to help Daft users master the usage of the Daft DataFrame for all your data processing needs!


Looking to get started with Daft ASAP?

The Daft User Guide is a useful resource to take deeper dives into specific Daft concepts, but if you are ready to jump into code you may wish to take a look at these resources:

  1. 10 minutes Quickstart: Itching to run some Daft code? Hit the ground running with our 10 minute quickstart notebook.

  2. (Coming soon!) Cheatsheet: Quick reference to commonly-used Daft APIs and usage patterns - useful to keep next to your laptop as you code!

  3. API Documentation: Searchable documentation and reference material to Daft’s public Python API.

Table of Contents#

The Daft User Guide is laid out as follows:

Basic Concepts#

High-level overview of Daft interfaces and usage to give you a better understanding of how Daft will fit into your day-to-day workflow.

Daft in Depth#

Core Daft concepts all Daft users will find useful to understand deeply.

The Daft Poweruser#

Become a true Daft Poweruser! This section explores advanced topics to help you configure Daft for specific application environments, improve reliability and optimize for performance.


Learn how to use Daft’s integrations with other technologies such as Ray Datasets or Apache Iceberg.


Applications built using Daft to serve as inspiration for your own projects