DataFrame.explain(show_all: bool = False, simple: bool = False, file: Optional[IOBase] = None) None[source]#

Prints the (logical and physical) plans that will be executed to produce this DataFrame. Defaults to showing the unoptimized logical plan. Use show_all=True to show the unoptimized logical plan, the optimized logical plan, and the physical plan.

  • show_all (bool) – Whether to show the optimized logical plan and the physical plan in addition to the unoptimized logical plan.

  • simple (bool) – Whether to only show the type of op for each node in the plan, rather than showing details of how each op is configured.

  • file (Optional[io.IOBase]) – Location to print the output to, or defaults to None which defaults to the default location for print (in Python, that should be sys.stdout)