Daft Documentation#

Daft is a distributed query engine for large-scale data processing in Python and is implemented in Rust.

  • Familiar interactive API: Lazy Python Dataframe for rapid and interactive iteration

  • Focus on the what: Powerful Query Optimizer that rewrites queries to be as efficient as possible

  • Data Catalog integrations: Full integration with data catalogs such as Apache Iceberg

  • Rich multimodal type-system: Supports multimodal types such as Images, URLs, Tensors and more

  • Seamless Interchange: Built on the Apache Arrow In-Memory Format

  • Built for the cloud: Record-setting I/O performance for integrations with S3 cloud storage

Installing Daft#

To install Daft, run this from your terminal:

pip install getdaft

Learn about other more advanced installation options in our Installation Guide.

Learning Daft#

Frequently Asked Questions#