Daft Documentation#

Daft is a fast and scalable Python dataframe for complex data and machine learning workloads.


Daft is currently in its Beta release phase - please expect bugs and rapid improvements to the project. We welcome user feedback/feature requests in our Discussions forums.

Installing Daft#

To install Daft, run this from your terminal:

pip install getdaft

Learn about other more advanced installation options in our Installation Guide.

Learning Daft#

Learn Daft with examples and tutorials. We cover common use-cases such as:

  1. Read a CSV into a Daft dataframe

  2. Work with images using the Pillow library in Daft

  3. Downloading data from URLs

Use Daft#

Refer to the Daft API Documentation.

Keep up to date#

Keep up to date with the latest features and fixes in Daft with our Release Notes.

Compare Daft to alternatives#

Evaluating Daft for a new project or system? Read more about why you should choose Daft over alternatives such as Pandas, Modin and PySpark in our Dataframe Comparison.