static Series.from_pylist(data: list, name: str = 'list_series', pyobj: str = 'allow') daft.series.Series[source]#

Construct a Series from a Python list.

The resulting type depends on the setting of pyobjects:
  • "allow": Arrow-backed types if possible, else PyObject;

  • "disallow": Arrow-backed types only, raising error if not convertible;

  • "force": Store as PyObject types.

  • data – The Python list whose data we wish to put in the Series.

  • name – The name associated with the Series; this is usually the column name.

  • pyobj – Whether we want to "allow" coercion to Arrow types, "disallow" falling back to Python type representation, or "force" the data to only have a Python type representation. Default is "allow".